Contributed by Daniel Evans



"The Magic E"


How does the pronunciation differ between 'tap' and 'tape'?  How about 'tub' and 'tube'?

The pronunciation is different because of 'The Magic E'.  Words which end with a vowel (a, e, i, o, or u) followed by a consonant (eg. t, d, p, s, n...)have a flat, normal sound.

For example: 

'tap'   is pronounced      t - a - p  ------>  tap 

'cop'                            c - o - p --------> cop


However, when the word ends with a vowel, consonant, then the letter E, the sound of the word changes.  The vowel now has a CAPITAL sound.

For example:

 'tape'   is pronounced      t - A - p - e ------>  tApe 

'cope'                            c - O - p - e ------> cOpe


There are many more examples of this in the English language, here are just a few...

hat/hate    cap/cape    her/here    scrap/scrape    shin/shine   

bit/bite    hop/hope    tub/tube    cut/cute